Once upon a time in Los Angeles…

It was three years ago when I visited the city of angels with a gregarious mien. Aged 23 and riddled with ire. On a balmy summer afternoon, I found myself under the tangerine skies of Venice beach. I watched as rainbow glares and kaleidoscopic hues rippled from the surf-centric scene and the sounds of skate and grind rode the airwaves. CONTINUE READING



Runway review: Hedi Slimane’s new Celine (sans aigu!).

As the lights dim, it is the visceral sound of pounding drums that beckons us first. Two Garde Républicaine boys, in ceremonial uniforms, set the prelude to Celine’s awakening. And once again, in a mere heartbeat, we find ourselves in the grandiose presence of Hedi Slimane’s arcana. CONTINUE READING


Là-bas, en bas! How to open your root chakra!

Teatime on a seductive balmy Jaipur afternoon and I am seated on the wide elegant porch of my hotel with an unchecked view of a palm–fringed lawn. In the background, there is a murmur about energy cleansing. I pretend to read but instead eavesdrop on their conversation, which provides a tantalising glimpse into the world of this immaculate perception of energy cleansing. CONTINUE READING


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