Continuing from her award-winning, movie-on-paper concept, Evangelina Rose goes digital and creates this multi-disciplinary website for the precocious femme. Launched in September 2018, EVANGELINAROSE.COM is a visually dazzling pop poem made for bohemian youth. Subject matter relates to experiential aesthetics in the fields of fashion, art, cinema and music. Editorial content is self-created and mostly through personal photography. Just like all Evangelina’s projects, this site adopts a documentary and cinematic feel and often reflects back to the hedonistic lifestyle of the 70s. You could argue that it is like candy – when something is too obscure you just have to trust the artist has purposefully made the shell hard to crack. To gain entry the readers would have to leave behind preconceived notions of what things should be and open themselves to what EVANGELINAROSE.COM is: unconventional, startling.

Evangelina Rose currently works as a journalist & runway critic, photographer, filmmaker and website-designer. She is also adept at interviewing personalities, shooting and filming on location and in a studio, and providing creative consultation and branding. To work with Evangelina-Rose and/or advertise, drop an email at

Media kit & sample portfolio are available upon request.