All the poetry in the world.


photographe VOGUE RUNWAY


All the poetry in the world. 

From the first sight of 70s flares, foot-high platforms and extra big glitter shades to the tiered evening dress with a giant red embroidered heart, Alessandro Michele's Gucci was a simulacra of 20th century pop-culture references. And we were in for a show. 

But it wasn't just about the clothes; the show space was pink-drenched and felt like a seedy lounge bar. The soundtrack? Well, the soundtrack floored me. Florence Welch was reading William Blake's poetry to Steve Mackey's music. 

The whole sequined saga was a little bit LA meets Renaissance Venice, infused with 70s and 80s accents. Yes at times it felt somewhat incongruous (depending of course on which critic you are talking to) but you know what? Haters going to hate. What manifested was a beautifully curated show, featuring alt-cool elements. Alessandro Michele utilised all the poetry in the world and for good reason. █