Courtney Love went to Glastonbury and had a ball. 

photographe VOGUE RUNWAY



Courtney Love and Amada De Cadenet went to Glastonbury and had a ball. 

Courtney Love and Amada De Cadenet went to Glastonbury and had a ball. This was surely the thinking from Saint Laurent frontman Hedi Slimane this season. It is no secret that at the iconic French house a grunge circle of muses has been in heavy rotation for the last couple of collections. But the show tonight was not another dollop of everything that we have come to expect from Slimane's hand. 

You could argue that it was akin to Glastonbury; well, sort of, in that it looked like a grimy band would step out at any given moment and perform alongside Slimane's wellies-clad brigade. Except it didn't.
There were twinkling dishevelled party dresses worn with mannish leather jackets and plush furs, bare-it-all slip-on dresses in silk and lace (the kind of morning after look your mom may be disappointed) all in celebration of the naked body. The sparkly headgear adorned every look, which toyed with the idea of the grunge tiara. 

With Saint Laurent returning to couture for the first time in over 10 years and with sales rocketing, there's no doubt that the controversial designer has moved things along. So what these mean in the grand scheme of things? While his critics are left wondering how – and perhaps more pertinently why is Hedi dishonouring the name of the late Yves, over here we think otherwise. 

Because as the late Yves Saint Laurent once said,
'nothing is more beautiful than the naked body. The most beautiful garment a woman can wear are the arms of the man she loves. But for those who have not had the good luck to find that happiness – I am there.' And we all know who has exhaustively calibrated to deliver upon that statement. This season, the crown goes to... Hedi Slimane!  █